Songs of Grace CD

Our church body has been gifted in so many ways with creative talent and inspiring artistry. As we walk with God and continue to grow in the knowledge of His Son, we find ourselves wanting to express our worship to Him more and more, and in various ways. In 2004, the vision was birthed for a CD project of songs that would come from our own local church. God graciously provided the means to accomplish this, and over the next two years, the musicians and songwriters of the church worked together on this project that would be called the "Songs of Grace". It was a labor of love and time, and God's kindness was seen as song arrangements were developed and fine-tuned, tracks were recorded, and then finally it went to the professionals for final mixing, mastering and duplicating.

The church was patient as we greatly anticipated it's release. The congregation got together to be recorded as a group for two of the songs right in our own worship center. The girls of the Sixth Grade Sunday School class were involved in the singing of the children's song that is on the album. Every song was written by a member of our church body. We long to see every tongue and tribe and nation declaring God's glory, whether by singing, or eating, or drinking. We present this "Songs of Grace" CD first as an offering of worship from our body to God for His glory, then to one another for our joy, and finally as a gift to the world - raising up Jesus Christ for all to see, and praying "that they also may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory" ( 2 Timothy 2:10b). The "Songs of Grace" CD is available in the GCC Resource Center. Click here to listen to song samples.  Soli Deo Gloria!