Tips for Memorizing Scripture

Memorizing the Word is Possible

Below are a few basic principles that will help make memorizing possible. Included with each principle are practical suggestions to start you dreaming and scheming about how you can effectively memorize the Word of God. You may want to try one or more of the suggestions. As you discover other methods that work, share your ideas!



The easiest way to find time to memorize is to incorporate memorizing into your already established daily routine.

  • Use meal times as a time to memorize.
  • Memorize while exercising (i.e. while riding a stationary bike, running, walking or reading on a treadmill, etc.).
  • While washing dishes, folding clothes, dusting, snow shoveling, mowing the lawn, or performing various other household chores, you can be memorizing.
  • Memorize while walking the dog.
  • How about memorizing while showering? Use the plastic pocket or write the verses on a slip of paper that can be thrown away when it gets soggy. Better yet, write the verses on apiece of plastic (an old tablecloth, or clear plastic from the hardware store) using a permanent marker. If people can sing in the shower, why not say verses aloud in the shower?
  • Work memorizing into your profession. For example: We know a person who puts up sheet rock for his profession. He tapes the verses on the wall and memorizes as he works.A painter can put the verse card by his paint tray. Every time he puts paint on his roller, he can say the verse. A mail carrier can carry the verses in a pocket or attach them to the mail bag and memorize while walking. (Fill in the blank. How will it work in your profession?)
  • Memorize while driving-either by glancing at the cards periodically or by using the review tape.
  • If you ride the bus to work, memorize on the bus.
  • Memorize each morning while you shave or brush your teeth.
  • Use your break times or lunch time to memorize at work.
  • Memorize in your small group.
  • Care Groups can introduce weekly passages, or review the passage from the previous week.

If your verses "travel with you," you will discover all kinds of opportunities to memorize. One of the easiest ways to memorize is to say the verses repeatedly OUT LOUD.

  • Families can use time spent in the car to memorize. Keep a verse set in your car so it is always available.
  • We all spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom-have a set of verses handy.
  • Keep your verses with you (in your purse, briefcase, pocket, etc.) so that you can
  • Take advantage of unexpected moments such as: waiting for an appointment, at a red light, waiting in a store checkout line, pumping gas, waiting for a flight or bus , etc.

Part of the battle in memorizing is remembering to memorize. If the verses are displayed where we will frequently see them, we will remember to memorize. It is easy to memorize by simply saying the verses ALOUD a few times during the day.

  • Put the verses on your bathroom mirror, on the phone, above the sink, on the computer screen saver, or any place you frequently look during the day. Every time you notice it, say the verses aloud a few times.
  • If you are in a profession in which you use a tool box, tape it to the lid or inside the lid and repeat it a few times every time you reach for a tool.
  • Tape the verse card to the dashboard of your car. Drive and memorize.

You will increase your chances of remembering new verses the next day if you review your verses right before you go to bed at night. Then play the review tape as you fall asleep to cement all the verses you have learned in your mind. The key to retaining verses you have memorized is REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW.


1. Repeat the verses often and out loud.
When I was in sixth grade, we were required to memorize one poem each month. Thirty-one years later, I still remember lines from those poems, even though I have not read most of them recently. I remember them because I said them every day out loud for a month. Sometimes we remember something because it "sounds right." Saying verses ALOUD is a key to remembering them.
2. Rehearse the verses frequently.
When I wake up in the morning, I rehearse the Grace Verses I have learned this year. It is not only great review, but it is a great way to start the day. During the day, I repeat the verses as I am driving, washing dishes, etc. You may want to keep the current year's schedule in its plastic pocket and try to repeat all the verses when you work on your new verse.
3. Review newer verses more frequently.
4. Review every day.
After a verse seems ingrained in your mind, review it on a rotating basis with other verses.
5. Use the verses.
When you pray, pray through the text of a verse! When you send a card, greet someone with a verse! When you see a friend who is feeling low, encourage them with a verse!