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Why do we live stream?

  • Outreach – With the number of people using the internet to gather information and ideas, we are thankful to have these resources which allow us to reach people around the world and especially unbelievers who may otherwise not be able or not be willing to visit a Gospel-proclaiming, Bible teaching church.
  • To serve our missionaries – Many of the overseas missionaries we support (and likely some we do not even know or support) struggle to find ways to worship, study, and fellowship with other believers. Though live streaming a worship service is certainly no substitute for true Christian community, we recognize (and have been told of) the spiritual benefits this endeavor can provide for those serving abroad.
  • To serve the sick and disabled – Whether you or your child falls ill, missing worship due to illness, surgery recovery, or other disabilities is a part of living in this fallen creation. Live streaming our services allows a level of participation previously unavailable for those who are homebound.
  • To serve our members who are traveling for military service, family business or holidays, work or pleasure. There is no place like home, but when members cannot be at their home church, our church live stream provides an opportunity for members to stay more connected to the life of our body while away.

Please note: We reserve the right to hide or remove the live stream for any reason (such as security-sensitive missions information or member meeting topics). Please be reminded that watching a live stream is NOT a substitute for regular church attendance in the life of a believer!

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